What is a PEO?
Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) enters into a co-employer relationship with clients, which allows them to share and manage many employer related liabilities and responsibilities. Clients outsource their human resources to the PEO and maintain control of their companies. The PEO will provide HR support, employee benefits, payroll administration, unemployment claims and workers compensation.

What is Co-Employment?

Co-Employment is the contractual arrangement between the client and the PEO that allows the PEO to provide a full range of services and to transfer or share many employer liabilities from the company to the PEO. 

Who can benefit from a PEO?
Every business can benefit from the services a PEO has to offer. Having a PEO allows business owners to focus on their business development and services while the PEO focuses on business administration. PEO's allow business owners to spend more time on business needs and less time on business administration. From IRS compliance to ACA compliance, a quality PEO has you covered.


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